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Nov 08 2019

Train Length Terms

A train refers to the fabric that hangs from the natural hem of a gown and extends out. You may already be aware that trains come in many different lengths but not as familiar with the many terms. It is also important to consider your wedding venue when choosing your train length because a 12 foot train might not fit in at a beautiful backyard wedding. We created this handy guide with all of the most common train lengths to help you decide what length is best for you. 

Watteau Train

A train that attaches to the shoulders, and creates a cape falling to the hem of the gown. It tends to be a thinner piece of material and is usually longer than the hem of the gown.

Sweep Train

A short train that touches the floor and fans out slightly from where a normal hem would be on a full length dress or skirt.

Court Train

A short to medium length train that fans out 12- 24 inches from the natural hemline.

Chapel Train

A medium length train that is usually 12 to 18 inches from the natural hem and 3 or 4 feet from the waist. This is the most common train length and can be used with a variety of gowns. It is a popular choice for A line gowns.

Cathedral Train

A longer, more dramatic train 22 in long or much more depending on the design. It can extend up to 7 feet from the waist. A cathedral train usually requires assistance and will need a bustle to move freely in.

Royal/Monarch Train

This is the longest train style at up to 12 feet from the waist. This train would require assistance, bustling, or a detachable train.

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