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Feb 02 2020

On This Day Filled with Love,
Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

 Things to tell yourself on your wedding day

1. Who you are is perfect

The many stressors or potential stressors (hello anxiety) can make us question the decisions we made about our big day and all the planning we have done. Maybe our frustration is high because some things are not going according to the very carefully crafted plan we created.

2. Your Guests are here for you!

It is encouraging to remind yourself that you invited your friends and family to share in this moment with you. They are there to support you in this new chapter of your life. After all you invited these people because they love you and are excited for you. That being said, we can still be overtaken with worry and planning. So take a deep breath and remind yourself even if everything doesn’t go according to plan you are going to create amazing memories with your partner and your friends and family.

3. Savor the day

The day can pass by incredibly fast so take moments when you can to appreciate the day. Take a minute for yourself before you walk down the aisle. Talk to your bestie if you need someone to calm your nerves or bring some lighthearted humor. If you hit some unexpected road bumps, that’s ok. This day is to celebrate you and your partner! Sometimes the little mistakes here and there are either not as noticeable as we think or will become what makes the day memorable! 

4. Stay true to yourself

Finally, it is so important to love yourself and be confident in who you are. Not just on your wedding day, but everyday. It is easy to get caught up in the many details and seemingly immense expectations coming from everyone from your mother to your mailman. People will have surprisingly strong opinions (that no you did not ask for). It is nearly impossible to please everyone. Instead make a list of the top 4 things for you and your partner and keep that list handy when yet another person tells you what you MUST have at your wedding.

5. Don’t forget why you are here

It is easy to get swept away in all the excitement, but take time to really think through your vows and the commitment that you are making. Whether you two choose to write your vows together or separately. Carve out enough time to be thoughtful about the commitments you are making in your new union.