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Nov 15 2019

Bridal Gown Necklines

When shopping for your gown it is helpful to know these common necklines to
narrow your search and maybe to discover a new style. 


One of the most common necklines and flattering for a variety of bust lines. It resembles the top of a symmetrical heart.


A sweetheart top with a less pronounced V at the center-bust. It provides a bit more coverage.


Any neckline that has straps from the side of the gown to the back of the neck. 

Straight Across

Similar to A-Line, as this style flares out from the waist into a large skirt. Ball gowns will have more volume than an A-line gown. The volume in the skirt makes the waist appear smaller.


Illusion can be a sweetheart or other neckline gown that has sheer fabric covering your shoulders.


A neckline with straps across the shoulder and a V shape that is open at the bust (sometimes below) at the center-front. It is also called a plunging neckline and makes your torso appear longer.


A neckline that showcases the collarbone and shoulders with straps that lay on the arm versus the shoulder. Any strapless style that you add sleeves to can become an off-the-shoulder gown.

Queen Anne

This neckline features a dip in the front with a high collar in the back that creates sleeves in front. It is a very regal and traditional style.

High Neck

Anytime a neckline touches the base of the neck or extends above it. Offers the most coverage of the neckline options.

Bateau/Boat Neck

A neckline that runs straight across the collarbone. It is a classic, and flattering neckline with more coverage.


A rounded neckline without a collar that sits right below the collarbone. It is great for wearing a pendant necklace and this is where the name comes from.


Is similar to the jewel neckline due to its rounded shape but it sits closer to the bust then a jewel neckline. It is common in women’s t shirts but can modernize a traditional gown style.

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